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Welcome to the Water Gardening World . . .a predictable escape from the normal “hustle and bustle” of life.  It’s a world of natural, holistic, and organic streams, ponds, waterfalls and wildlife.  Environmentally friendly, and completely customized Ponds can be installed almost anywhere.  We will discuss with you all the available possibilities; whether large or small, simple or complex – we will help you design your very own piece of heaven – a place of enjoyment and relaxation.

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Koi Fish

Koi Fish Living Happily in the Pond Pictured Above

Pond with Bog Filtration
Pond Stream

Key Components to a Pond Include:

Pond Filtration Kit

Joey Tomocik Lily

A Filtration System – Let’s face it . .Fish are dirty!!  If you don’t have proper filtration for your fish load and size of pond – you’ll be fighting an up hill battle from the start.  This is one of the most important aspects of your pond.  You want to build it right, the first time.  Having proper circulation in your pond is extremely important.  Without good circulation, the water can sit stagnant allowing for “dead spots” where waste can build up.  A pump that is not  properly sized for your pond,  also means less times per hour your pond water is being filtered. When we custom design your pond, special care is taken to make sure your pond is filtered properly – this ensures less headaches in the future, and a much healthier environment for your fish!

Afraid of dealing with Green Water,  or Unsightly String Algae?  With current equipment out on the market, such as U.V. Sterilizers and the IonGen system, those worries are a thing of the past!!

With proper routine Pond Maintenance, and the right components . . .
We can Guarantee a Clean, Clear, Pond – Year after Year!

Liner, Rock, & Gravel – We use 45mil epdm Pond Liner on standard installations, and use Rock and Gravel to create a natural looking environment.  Using Rock and Gravel in your pond not only protects your liner from u.v. penetration, but allows surface area for good bacteria to colonize on naturally.

Aquatic Plants – A main ingredient in creating a Natural Environment for your Fish.  Plants play a major role in helping to filter a pond, add focal points of color, size, and texture, as well as naturally soften the edges of your pond.  Fish also love aquatic plants, they provide shade from the sun, and shelter from natural predators in your area.

Useful plants to add to your pond range from:

Oxygenators & Floating plants

Marginal & Bog Plants

Hardy & Tropical Water Lilies

For our area, we are normally able to add Aquatic plants to the pond in May.  By this time the water temperature is warm enough to sustain the plants – any earlier and most Pond Plants will go into shock.

The Fish Guy carries a wide variety of plants readily available for Pick Up or Delivery & Installation in May.

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Last but certainly not least, is stocking your Pond with Fish – whether it be Goldfishor Koi.  We carry a wide variety of Fish that are all quarantined by The Fish Guy for a minimum of 2 weeks before they are available for sale.  This ensures the health of your existing livestock in your Pond.

We carry Goldfish  – including; Sarasa’s, Shubunkins, and Comets.

We also carry Japanese Koi from Kodama Koi and our private fish wholesaler.  All of our Fish are hand-picked by us to ensure the greatest color varieties and patterns.

Have a specific Fish you are looking for? – We can supply it for you – Just Ask!!!

All Fish are available for Pick-Up, or Drop Off & Acclimation.

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