Aquarium Maintenance

Keeping on top of routine Aquarium Maintenance ensures the livelihood of your tank inhabitants, as well as keeps your Aquarium looking Clean and Healthy! Every Aquarium is different, therefore maintenance requirements, and frequency will vary from tank to tank. We provide service - Weekly, Bi-Monthly and Monthly.

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Routine Maintenance Consists of :

  • Overall Inspection of Aquarium
  • Partial water change
  • Check all equipment
  • Vacuum and rotate gravel
  • Rinse and/or replace filter media as needed
  • Clean or Rotate decorations, rocks, corals, plants (manicure/trim)
  • Clean all tank surfaces of any algae
  • Inspect all livestock (ie- fish/plants)
  • Routine water analysis

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Once in awhile, Things happen . .  whether its from over-feeding, the tank lights get left on, or maybe - Fish are starting to over-crowd the tank . . It’s time for an Overhaul! An Overhaul will consist of: Removing your Fish and placing them in a holding area (if necessary), so we may clean and restore your Aquarium thoroughly. We will clean the gravel, glass/acrylic, tank décor, filtration system, and check all the equipment on the tank. We will advise your of anything else that needs to be addressed or should be upgraded on your tank. Your Aquarium will then be put back together as if it were the first time being set up!  If you’d like to change the look of your tank altogether, this is also a great time to do it!


Now and again there comes a times when an Aquarium needs to be moved and relocated. Whether its to paint a room, re-model, change offices or homes – Relocating takes proper planning! We will remove inhabitants and prepare them for transit, break down and clean all Aquarium components and pack everything carefully for moving. Once at its new destination, we will begin putting your Aquarium back together. Upon a final inspection, we will being to re-introduce your inhabitants into a safe and stable environment. It can be done . . .it just has to be done right