Every Pond or Waterfall big or small requires some maintenance to ensure it’s kept running properly.

pond maintenance

We offer 3 Main Services during the year, along with Routine Pond Maintenance throughout the season.

Depending upon the Water Feature, we provide service Weekly, Bi-Monthly or Monthly  as part of our Routine Maintenance program.

During Routine Maintenance, one of our technicians will perform the following:

  • Overall Inspection of Pond, Equipment, and Fish
  • Debris Removal
  • Trim back Plants (when necessary)
  • Backwash Filters, Clean Skimmer/Filter Pads, Empty Skimmer boxes, Clean Out Intake Bays, Check Pumps for debris
  • Add Necessary Water Treatments (bacteria, barley extract, flocculent, algaecides, etc.)

Our Main Services we provide to all of our customers Include; Spring Clean-outs, Fall Service, and Winterization.

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Spring Clean Outs:

Powerwashing to start the season off right!

Powerwashing to start the season off right!

Clean & Clear - Up and Running for the Season!!

Clean & Clear – Up and Running for the Season!!

Spring Clean-outs are a major key to the success of your Pond Season.  Clean out’s will generally consist of removing your fish and placing them in temporary holding while we drain the Pond.  We will then remove debris, cut back Pond Plants, and Spray down (or powerwash) your Pond and Waterfall(s).                     Next, we will re-install pumps, ultra-violet sterilizers, Iongen systems, repair or add LED Lighting, and address any other issues before filling your pond.  Your fish will then be slowly acclimated back into your pond, along with the addition of water conditioners, and bacteria to help jump-start your new pond season!

Fall Service:

Fall Pond Maintenance

Fall Service’s are just as important as Spring Clean-Out’s for your Pond and Fish health, as we begin to prepare your pond for the winter months.                During a Fall Service, We remove debris that has collected throughout the season, cut back Pond Plants, Clean Filter pads, Winterize Canister and Bead Filters,  Remove U.V. Sterilizers & Iongen Systems and perform a partial Water Change.  We will then add Cold Water Bacteria and necessary Water Conditioners.  To finish, we will cover your pond with a net to prevent debris (leaves) from entering your pond, and help protect fish from natural predators over winter.  Air pumps and/or Pond De-Icers may be added at this time.

Depending upon the Pond (and customer), Ponds may be shut down at this time, or can be kept running for a while longer – or throughout the winter!


Snow Covered Pond - Lloyd Harbor, NY

This is the last scheduled service for the Season (but of course we’re available year-round if needed).  We will re-adjust or remove net (at customers request).  Remove any additional Debris in or around the Pond.  If your Pond gets shut down for Winter, we will disconnect Check valves, and Pressurized (canister, bead) Filters at this time if they are still running from the Fall.  We will add an Air Pump at this point to help get the fish through winter (if not already added).   Lastly we will add another treatment of cold-water Bacteria to help break down any additional Debris and Waste during the Winter months.  Again, as always we are available during the winter if you should experience any problems.

Notes for Winter:  Make sure a hole is left open in the ice for gasses to escape from fish respiration. During snow storms, move snow away from around the exterior of the Air pump to allow proper Air flow.  Periodically check over the winter to make sure your electric is still working properly outside.   Should your Pond freeze over, please DO NOT bang on the ice to break it open – We’ve been told the fish don’t appreciate this!  Pouring hot water over your aerator or de-icer will do the trick.  If using an air pump and the air is still bubbling under the ice – the air will escape from under the ice.

Leak Detection, Repairs & Renovations:

Pond Leak Detection

Leak Detection

Are you having Trouble with Losing Water on a regular basis?  We offer Leak Detection and Waterfall Re-builds in the most Cost effective ways possible.  Finding Leaks is never an easy task. .but it turns out to be a Specialty of ours!!!  Don’t go through another season with your Existing Pond or Waterfall. Call Us Today! (516) 937 – FISH