Looking to Create a Garden Paradise... with a charming landscape, hideaway seating area, with tropical plants, or perhaps you have a small yard you want to bring to life  We've got you Covered . . .

Tying in multiple landscape elements we can transform any backyard large, or small to serve many purposes.

Whether you're looking to create a seating area to gather around, block out background noise, solve drainage problems, or just create more privacy . . .We can offer Solutions to Spruce Up your Yard!

The Fish Guy offers Backyard Design & Planting solutions incorporating Annuals, Perennials, Shrubs & Trees providing you with year-round color and enjoyment.

There are many Landscape Styles to choose from including; Japanese, Country, Tuscan, Traditional, English, Mediterranean, Tropical and much more!

Why go through another year un-happy with your current Front or Backyard?  Contact us Today! (516) 937 - FISH