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So you're considering an Aquarium . . . investing in an Aquarium is an exciting venture.  Whether this is your First Aquarium , or you need to Up-grade what you already have there are many options available in the Aquarium market.  Often at times, all the options can become overwhelming.  When you choose to work with The Fish Guy, we simplify  everything for you . .we know what works and simply  - what doesn’t.

We will work with you, and listen to what you are looking to achieve . .and make it happen. Let us worry about the details!

Some things to think about ahead of time . . .

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You may not realize the importance of deciding where your Aquarium will go. . But Location is Important.

Ideally you want your Aquarium in an area that doesn’t get a lot of direct sunlight exposure.  This can lead to algae problems down the road, simply due to light.  This can also be solved by closing blinds or curtains during the warmest or sunniest parts of the day.

Keeping your Aquarium away from drafty areas (doors ,windows, heat or a/c vents) is also important, because we don’t want fish to get sick from temperature fluctuations.  Yes, most fish tanks will be set-up with heaters, so we aren't worried about doors or windows that are properly sealed.  During the winter months we have to monitor certain areas to make sure cold air doesn’t become a problem, or heat during the summer.

The location of electric, and a water source are other key factors to think about when deciding upon where your Aquarium will go.  In order to run the components needed for your aquarium you will of course need electric near by.  Ideally if close to the aquarium, this will be a GFCI outlet (safer for water).  Having a sink nearby is also another major consideration.  All Aquariums need water changes on (at least) a monthly basis.  If your sink is located on another floor of your home or office, this will clearly be an issue in the ease of water changes.  Hot and Cold water should be easily accessible.


We'll start out by saying . .the  Smaller the Aquarium, the Faster Water Conditions will deteriorate. Ideally, you want to start out with the Largest Aquarium you can fit and afford.  The larger the tank, also means the more fish you can keep. Once you get above 30 gallons (to 75 gallons) the cost of maintenance is relatively the same.  The same goes for equipment, gravel, decorations, etc.

Keep in mind when deciding upon size that Aquariums come in standard sizes in length, and depth (how far the tank will stick out from the wall).  You can also always choose to go the custom route.  Deciding to build a Custom Aquarium gives you the opportunity to choose between Glass or Acrylic, as well as  Custom dimensions to fit an area you're looking to work within.  Custom Aquariums can take between 8-12 weeks to be Built and then Shipped.

Freshwater Aquariums  Freshwater Aquariums
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