Saltwater & Freshwater Fish

Whether you have Fish Tank in your Home or Office, or you’ve had the pleasure of enjoying someone else's tank . . . Watching Fish swim around in any Aquarium provides endless Relaxation and Enjoyment - even an educational experience.

Saltwater or Marine Fish are among the most Colorful Fish in the world. That being said, they are also some of the more difficult Fish to Keep. When setting up a Saltwater Aquarium, attention should be paid to the requirements of the Fish you are looking to keep. Whether it be appropriate hiding spaces and caves, overall Fish Compatibility, to keeping on top of Water parameters - This all plays a role in the health, and longevity of your fish.
The Ocellaris Clownfish for example is said to have a captive lifespan of over 10 years. Unfortunately in many Home Aquariums this is not the case. A little research before, goes a long way.
The Fish Guy hand-picks and Quarantines all of our Saltwater and Freshwater Fish before selling them to Customers.
We will only place a fish in a tank if it is being kept in the appropriate environment.

A personal favorite! The nudibranch.

Nudibranch - For established Reef tanks Only


Fish Spotlight:

Purple Tang:
One of the most prized Saltwater Fish, it is blue-purple in color with a bright yellow tail and markings on their pectoral fins. It is a semi-aggressive Tang (as most are), and should be housed in a minimum of 125 gallons. This beauty is Reef safe, and enjoys all the hiding spots a Reef Tank has to offer. Tangs should be offered meaty foods, as well as plenty of marine-based seaweed and algae multiple times a week.

Purple Tang, Hippo tang, clown fish in Reef Tank



Freshwater Fish that we care for range from Community Fish, and Goldfish, to Brackish water Fish such as African Cichlids. The 3 tanks vary in their required water parameters and tank set-up. When we say Community Fish - We refer to Fish such as; Congo Tetra's, Long-fin Rosy Barbs, Swordtails, Angelfish, Parrot fish, Tri-color sharks, Roseline sharks, Rasbora's, Platies and more. These fish tend to be peaceful, and coexist well with others. They eat a variety of foods from frozen bloodworms, brine Shrimp, to pellet and flake food. Goldfish we tend to keep by themselves, as they are a cold water fish. They will enjoy Goldfish flake or pellet foods. They do well in a Live Plant tank to help balance the waste they regularly produce. Goldfish are available in a number of varieties including; Black Moor, Oranda's, Ranchu's and more. Last but not least, African Cichlid tanks. Among the most colorful freshwater fish African Cichlids come in a variety of colors. Depending upon their lake of origin will often dictate water parameters to follow. African Cichlids are known to be aggressive and territorial, therefore special care should be taken when housing these beauties together. They should be given numerous caves and hiding places throughout the tank to reduce stress. When building caves using rock that can naturally buffer pH is helpful in maintaining the higher pH African Cichlids are used to. They will eat a variety of food pellet and flake food, as well as blood worms and brine shrimp.


Fancy Goldfish Live Planted Tank

Freshwater Aquariums

Freshwater Discus Fish in Live Planted Tank


Freshwater Community Tank - showing Swordtail Fish & Live Plants


Fish Spotlight:

Are available in a variety of strains including; Gold Veil, Marble Veil, Zebra, Platinum, Koi and more . They are normally easy to care for, and can be semi-aggressive especially when mating. They generally like a slightly acidic pH, but do well in Aquariums with a neutral 7.0 pH - so they go well in Community Tanks. Live planted tanks suit the angelfish well. They can be fed a variety of food such as pellets, flakes and frozen foods.

Freshwater Aquariums

Breeding Angelfish