Established Reef Tank

Corals . . .Some of the most beautiful living tank inhabitants in an Aquarium.  Watching colorful corals sway back and forth in the current is mesmerizing to say the least. When setting up a Reef Aquarium patience is key.  It is better to start with easy or beginner corals, which tend to be hardier while your Reef is establishing itself.  Once your water parameters are 100%  in check, and your lighting is sufficient - you can begin adding more advanced corals to your tank.

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There are a few things to understand when adding a new coral to your Home Aquarium.  Each Coral has requirements in order for them to survive in your tank, these include placement in relationship to; Lighting, Water flow, as well as their Temperament and required Food source.

The Fish Guy can walk you through every step of starting a new Reef Aquarium.

We hand-pick our Corals and Quarantine them before bringing them to our customers, to ensure the health of your existing Aquarium.

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Purple Mushroom Coral

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Product Spotlight:

Frogspawn is classified as a LPS (large polyp stony coral) Coral.  It is known to have an aggressive temperament, due to its sweeper tentacles which can extend out to 6 inches.  This behavior usually occurs in the evening hours, and it can sting neighboring corals in your tank.  Therefore placement is key with Frogspawn, in regards to space and the other types of coral around it.  Frogspawn likes Moderate Lighting, as well as an area with Moderate Water Flow.  It's main food source comes from Photosynthesis, but will also gladly feed on Microplankton, Brine shrimp and more.  Regular addition of Calcium, Strontium, and Trace elements (as with most Corals) is suggested.

Frog Spawn Coral

Frogspawn Coral