Design & Installation



125 Gallon Freshwater Live Plant Tank - Restaurant Divider . .Now we wait for Custom Cabinetry!

The Fish Guy creates Custom Designed Aquariums ranging from Live Planted Tanks to Reef Aquariums. Whether it be for your Home or Office, deciding the Location and Size of your Aquarium is your first step. You will then have the option of a Glass Aquarium, or a Custom Acrylic Tank. There are pro’s and con’s to both, which we will discuss with you. Then comes the fun part . . .deciding what type of Freshwater or Saltwater Fish will live in your Custom Designed Fish Tank. Based upon your choice of Fish, we will discuss recommended Filtration needed to properly maintain your tank, and we can then decide the decor of your Aquarium. There are many options to choose from, including; a Live Planted Aquarium consisting of a variety of Live Plants, natural Driftwood and Rocks, to Artificial Plants or Corals, and of course a Live Reef Tank. The Possibilities are Endless when customizing your own piece of the Underwater World!!!


500 Gallon Freshwater Live Plant Tank Installation










It's not easy getting into a Large Tank . .but we can do it!











Filtration Done, Tank Filled, Decor in . . but Let's add More Plants!!!









500 Gallon Freshwater Live Plant Tank - Plants Done!