Tranquility . . Beauty . . Simplicity . .

Water features come in all shapes and sizes . .
Don’t think you have enough space for a pond or waterfall? Why don’t you consider a beautiful fountain, maybe a bubbling urn or vase..that shimmers at night by led landscape lighting accenting the water feature. Your water feature will attract constant attention, and deliver a tranquil sound that soothes the soul! We will help you find that “right” vase, spitter , or fountain for your landscape.

All described above can be installed with our AquaBasin™ system.

Your decorative piece of choice, will sit on top of the AquaBasin™ reservoir which is installed into the ground. A pump will sit inside the AquaBasin™ and is connected to the decorative piece on top.—this is used to pump the water through the feature. The AquaBasin™ is then backfilled with gravel . . water will then travel down through the gravel and back into the pump to repeat the process again.

  •  Perfect for Small Spaces in Gardens
  • Low Maintenance
  • Cost Effective
  • Do-It-Yourself Project! - Kits Available for Sale