LED Lighting

Let's Face it . .Most of us don’t get to enjoy our Ponds as much as we'd like during the daylight hours.  We spend all of our time making the money to afford our properties, and only enjoy them at night or on the weekends.

There's no longer a reason to settle -  Adding LED Lighting to your Pond, Waterfall,  and surrounding Landscape is easy, cost-effective, and comes with a 5-year warranty!

Aquascapes LED Lighting is a simple plug and play system, using 1-watt, 3-watt, and 6-watt lights.   With available Photocell technology your lights will go on and off at dusk and dawn - or can be set to your own preference.

Outdoor lighting completely changes the look of your pond, waterfalls, fountains, and landscape.  Some customers say they enjoy it more at night because of the way the light illuminates the water, the fish seem as if they are floating and waterfalls have never looked so good!! Lighting pathways or spotlights on landscaping adds depth and intrigue to your property.

Don't Spend Another Season in the Dark!!  Contact Us today to Learn more about adding LED Lighting to your Home!

Installation Packages Starting at $500.00  Installed


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